Tuesday, September 7, 2010

sweetest day ever ! ;D

7th sept 2010
a day that i will remember for as long as i can remember
a day that brought me happiness
a day spent with her
our first date.literally.:)

to be honest it wasn't planned at all..
just dropped by, fetched her,
and then only we decided where to go
at first we stopped here and there thinking where to go.
finally we decided to go to one utama.
the best part is we actually got lost.
not to say lost, missed a junction.lol
reached there about 5pm
walked around the mall.
just the two of us
without anyone else.
we never got seperated from each other.
only when going to the musolla of course.
we talked sort of non-stop with each other.
went around the whole complex thinking where to eat.lol
then we decided to go to secret recipe but the table was full
then we went to milano's
that was the first place where we actually had lunch together a year ago.
a place where something memorable had occurred before.lol
then while waiting for maghrib, we went round some more and talked.
suprisingly we talked till a few minutes after maghrib.lol
people have already started eating but we're still talking.lol
then we break our fast with mineral water and went for prayers.
then we went to eat.
there we ate slowly.lol
after eating we just sat there, and talked about what we talked.
snapped some pictures,
well, she snapped mine actually.lol
eventhough we finished eating, we still sat ther for like an hour or so.
then we left.
and headed home.
reached her home at 930pm i think.
her mom was waiting at the gate.
then we went in.
she actually played the piano.wow
i was impressed and touched.lol
we sat side by side while she played the piano and sang the song.
to be honest with you, that was one of the most relaxing moments in my life.lol
then we chatted with her mother and sister.
yadi yada yada.
that was fun.lol
then at 1045, its time for me to depart home.
reached home at midnight..
hopefully this is the day i will remember for the rest of my life..lol

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