Saturday, May 14, 2011

Liar Liar Pants On Fire

'liar liar panties on fire' is what i would say to my old friends.:)
haven't said tha for a long time.
haven't updated this blog for a long time. :) wonder who still reads it. i guess no one?lol.that's the point.

when we lie, who do we lie to actually? is it the person whom we said the lie to. or somebody else? naah. lying to others is lying to yourself.
it's not worth it. it's like karma, hurting others will hurt you back.

like the counsellor said, remember, the world is not flat, it's a sphere, what goes around comes around.:)

anyway, to whom i'm addressing, i'm sorry i lied. i lied to myself really. it is really hard actually to tell the truth actually.not just for me, but also for others.i've been lying to most of the people i know.but not for my own benefits.if it's so, i'll be darn happy right now.the fact is i'm

i don't hate my life.i love my life, i am happy for my life, it's just i'm not happy for what i've done and said.well, it's just a part of me that is me. i am what i am and that's all what i am.the popeye song.missed that show.:)

btw, to whoever i've hurt, i'm sorry. but for you especially, i truly am sorry for hiding everything.lying about abstract things. hope you're not offended and always be happy.:)

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