Monday, August 30, 2010

independence day 31 aug..;D

wow, it's been 53 years since Malaysia had gained its independence from the Brits.
hopefully this independence will remain forever.;D

what a wonderful weekend that passed me.
friday night was awesome.
went to sleep at my friends house.
break fast with them, sahur with them,
do everything with their family.
how it made me feel like i'm in the family.
studied that night till 3am.
then slept for an hour and sahur and never slept back.
then my parents picked me up to go to kl.

that day, i came back home from kl after asar.
about 6 i guess.
break fast with my family, at night i didnt go to tarawih at the mosque,
did it myself in the room.
then at 930 went out with atiqah, my beshtie.
went for supper at a&
that place was awesome.
had a couple of waffles till we were dead full..
that night ended with full of smiles.

sunday, woke up at 2pm i
had a very nice sleep.
that evening did a barbeQ with my family.

monday, a day filled with sleepiness.
didnt sleep that night.
it was very2 tiring.
went to class with sore eyes.
eyes like a
got targeted in class by my physics teacher.
that was fun.
she mentioned my name quite a number of times.
after class, i straight went to
slept till 6.
then hung out with my friends.
that night, wasn't feeling well though.
so i went to bed.very2 early.

the problem is i kept her waiting for me.
that's what i hated the most.
farsha, if your reading this, i am so sorry,
i slept last night.
the night before was awesome.
a night of thousand words turned to a night of zero words.
sorry. i'll make it up to you later, i promise.;D
much love,

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