Saturday, August 21, 2010

it's been a long while.

wow, it has been quite some time i've updated this blog.
maybe cause i dont have anything to

well, today i'm writing, just for the sake of writing.
in a way to release what i feel right now.
it's a mixture of feelings that everyone faces.
everyone faces this problem.
i don't know whether it is because of me or someone else.
to be honest, i'm quite sad to see how some people treat me.
i mean, everyone has their own agenda.
but it's so hard for me to understand.
most of them will not say a thing,
and then respond differently in such a deceiving way.
that makes me really2 uncomfortable.
slept at 4 last night.
didnt wake up for sahur.
didnt wake up for subuh in a matter of fact.
i really feel sad about myself.
just watched a video on how satan seduces human beings.
but i fell in their hands last night and this morning
this sadness plus some crap i am facing,
i feel like my life's threeed up.
the only thing i can keep in my mind is,
everything comes from God,
God gives us challenges everyday,
God will not give challenges that we cannot cope.
every individual is different in the sense of personality.
I cannot satisfy everyone.
in other words is, disappointment in life is a normal thing.
it's just a matter of how you deal with it.
through iman? nafsu? or feelings?
it's up to you and i to decide.
but iman is the best option.

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