Tuesday, June 8, 2010

learn to love

it's been a while since i last wrote.
well, today it is proven i think.
we won't realize that we love something really damn much,
until we've lost it for real.
something includes,
humans, things, personal items.
well, i guess that's just who we are.
and what we are all about.

well, today poslaju came to the house.
sent me an envelope
a thick envelope.
what's inside is my offer letter to kolej mara seremban.
for 2 years i'm gonna study there i guess.
it was a sad moment i guess.
i always hated staying in a boarding school.
2 years in science seremban would have killed me
but still, i survived, moved to utp, and started a new life
a new beginning
there i was me
i was who i am.
made a lot of friends.
but now i've to move on
i'm going to a new place.
just like a boarding school.
no wonder they call it a 'bored'ing school.
it's bored.
but hey,
don't think negatively.
i must be strong
this is destiny i guess.
for me to be there in that particular college.
eventhough i suck during the interview, still i got it.
maybe it's my destiny to go there.
i may be going to australia soon.
soon is 2 years.lol.
i can't believe my dreams actually came true.
well, not fully, i was expecting UK but still,
not bad.
leaving everything behind.
it's time for me to move ahead.
leave what's behind.

3 weeks at home is like torture to me.
what's there to do?
home is another place of boredom.
getting my ass bigger i guess.
fighting who gets the car.
surely my dad'll win.
i can't do anything.
nothing free at home.
i feel, how to say it.
malay they call it 'terkongkong'
this is the worst part anyway.
i love living a free life.
i was free in utp.
now i won't be
mara and parents are on my ass.
so i can't enjoy my life like i used to.

i just wish 2 years will pass by fast enough.
i want to leave seremban.
there's nothing here
nothing for me actually.
friends? gone with the wind.
the cinema?naah.
what is here anyway?
PD? yeah right.
full of tourists..

idk what to say anymore.
i think i'm better off snoozing my ass out.
sleep sleep sleep.
that's what i do all day.
sometimes i feel like i'm hibernating..lol.

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