Thursday, June 10, 2010

happy day.

guess what.
today was a fine day for me.
since like, idk, a
didnt sleep at night watching how i met ur mother.
anyway, i thought dad wanted to use the car.
but he didnt.
so i resumed my plans..hoho
before that.
early this morning..
i had breakfast with my grandmas.
wow, lots of stories were told
till i fell asleep.
i didnt know which one is more interesting.
sleep or the

anyway, i drove all the way to meet my friend,
irisyah - a gal i met when i went to
of all the places aust.
anyway, my first time ever driving in shah alam and didnt get lost.
i was really2 proud..haha
then i made it to one utama shopping center without getting lost...
my first time going there..

reached ipoh at midnight.
exactly midnight.
what a tiring
off to bed~!

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