Wednesday, June 16, 2010

growing up

today is wednesday the 16th. was a booring day at home
got a whole 14 more days to go till i go to college.
damn i miss my university life in utp.
well, wth, life must go on right?
i feel like,
i'm praying, 5 years will go like a blink of an eye.
2 years here doing my a-levels, and 3 years there doing my degree.
i hope that it is a dream come true.
and in my life, i want a perfect life
for me and my family to live together
i can't wait to move out from the house.
i feel like i'm still bounded to do things that i would have done outside.
to me,
life's an adventure.
we decide what to do.
we plan our life ahead of us.
not some other people.
to me, life in boarding school,
is not working out.
they prepare your food, schedule,
they tell you to study, they manage your time for you.
come on,
what's the fun in that?
i'm 18 and i have to live like that?
other people telling me what to do, when to do.
that sucks.
malaysian way of studying sucks
they never work out properly.
no wonder malaysian students get kicked out of universities.
some even get into major trouble.
because y?
because of culture shock.
they treat us like kids, telling us what to do, when to do, prepare every single thing.
all we have to do is follow,
come on, when we grow up, no one even bothers to tell you that.
i just hope this 2 years, probably 5 years, will pass on faster than ever.
get my own job, own assets, own things.
live under my own roof.
5 years i know it's a long time.
just waiting for it to happen.
i'm sick of living under my parents' asses.
i want to be free.
have my own life to lead.
what bothers me the most is my college is just 20 mins from home
come on, what is that?
even my lower secondary school is further down the road.
damn i just wish i'm already working and having my own things.
just mine.
under my name.
with my own money.
i'd love that.
i wish i can be just like my sister.
not totally, but live a life like her.
in life, without adventures, risks and enjoyment,
wth is your life about?
life must be more exciting.
life without mistakes doesnt make you a person,
but life with mistakes, lessons, and bad decisions,
teaches you to be a stronger person overall..

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