Monday, June 28, 2010

tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow

tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.
the moment of truth.
my admission to Kolej MARA Seremban.
after more than 3 weeks staying at home doing nothing,
i managed to fatten myself up and cause insomnia to myself.
gained a few kgs i guess.haha
anyway, tomorrow the 30th june.
the time where i am going to register for my a levels in kms
idk whats life is gonna be like there.
hopefully it's gonna be fine n fun.
i hope so.
hoping to be better or as fun as utp.
utp was the best experience ever.
feeling happy though.
before this i was frustrated i didn't get to go further like shah alam or wherever.
but nvm, still, just 2 years.
hope that 2 years will be in a flash.
well, all the best..
meeting new ppl, old ppl,
from utp n saser.
c u there.

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