Wednesday, June 2, 2010

farewell and thanx.

hey. thanx for taking ur time to read this.
really appreciate it if u do.
it's been 5 months ive been studying in utp.
i made friends.
best friends perhaps.
always there when i need them.
during shine or rain, they're always there for me.
that's what i call true friends.
i will never forget u guys insya-Allah.
at first i thought,
maybe some of u will be leaving,
n i will stay here,
but in the end, i'm the one leaving u guys.
it feels hard to realize that i have to move on in life.
the memories, the things,
i mean everything here is priceless.
i know that u guys will have a great time here in utp.
everyone's great.
staying here teaches me a lot.
i didn't want to leave.
if i would have a choice i would stay here.
but i can't
i can't let my feelings take over my future.
and disappoint my parents.

the main point of me writing here,
is to let all of u know.
how much i love u guys.
how much i love being with u guys.
priceless memories.
being in class.
our laughter,
our sadness,
even food
we share amongst us.
that's what makes us united
caring, loving for each other,
we take care of each other's backs.
no one gets left behind.
it's really hard for me to express my feelings

well then, this is goodbye then,
anything u guys have my number right?
just text or give me a call sometimes.
good luck in everything u guys do.
don;t ever give up.
in life we have to take sacrifices.
chances doesn't come twice.
make the right decision for yourself and your loved ones.
take time to think.
don't make decisions to hastily.
think out of the box.
alright guys and babes.
bye, ttyl, see u soon.
hope to meet all of u soon..

*guys who's saying i'm a fag writing about this shit,
go ahead
its not wrong for me to express my feelings.
u are the one who is arrogant enough to cover up your feelings.
bak kata orang melayu,
ta macho la laki touching2.
well wtf do i care anyway.

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