Wednesday, May 26, 2010


it's three thirty in the morning..
i can't sleep.
been watching movies n dramas all day long.
thinking of starting a new chapter in life.
a new beginning of life as an adult and a college student..
but still..
the past haunts me.
wtf is about my life anyway?
well i guess nobody understands not even me.
in life we have to think ahead.
leave the past.
but what if the past haunts u?
haunts ur feelings towards things?
things happen as we all see.
when old memories come back,
they will be there.
what;s done is done.
u cant change the past.
we have to learn from the past.
the past makes us what we are today.
next week will be the last week im in utp.
then i'll be furthering my studies in kms.
a-levels n hopefully go overseas..insya-Allah.
what i dreamt of came true.
a chance to study abroad.
leaving things behind is a sacrifice i have to make.
my friends, my life.
as if i have a life.but still.
its a life here in utp.
for 5 months ive been here, to have a new interesting life, gone just like that.
have to start all over again next month.
i love these utp guys.
they r like family to me.
i feel secure, happy with them.
never had this much fun with friends before.
well soon i'll be leaving.
maybe for those, who care, i have to say goodbye.
those who don't give a shit, a farewell.
thanx for being with me all this time..
i really appreciate what u guys had done to me.
all the laghs we had, all the fun,
the sadness, everything and i mean everything.
all a big thanks..
now i have a new journey.
a new path..
wish me luck and all the best for u guys too..

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