Thursday, May 6, 2010

some ppl come some ppl go.;(

friday the 7th, may 2010.
today is a sad day.
a gloomy day.
one by one.
i see my friends go.
4 months i've been here
to study
gain knowledge together.
make friends.
had a crush.
but all that does not matter now.
yesterday petronas scholar results came out.
only a few had got it.
most of us?
bye2 utp
bye2 friends
bye2 lecturers
bye2 everyone
all is in us are just memories
that last forever
in our hearts.
as 1.

here we are.
for 4 months.
striving to study
for our future.
and get the scholarship.
but no most of us will leave.
in our own path.
our own journey.
for those who are leaving.
i best wish u all goodluck.
have a wonderful, joyful n sucessful life.
those who are staying, i wish the best of luck in all of u.
our memoirs will remain in my heart.
as a meche jan '10 student.
all the best in everything u do..
i love u guys.

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