Saturday, June 20, 2009

My English


My name is Robert. I moved from Malaysia to a city called Seattle. It is located near Vancouver, Canada but it is in the US. I stayed with my sister. My parents had died in a plane crash last year. It was very sad for me as i was just an adolescent. I did not expect that God will give this challenge for me to take. I kept my hopes high, there is always a good reason why things happen. Allah loves us. That is why we must accept fate and live life the way it is.

This is a story about my new life in Seattle. I registered in Castleback Jr High on the 23rd of September. I was sent to Ms. Janets' class. She was an awesome teacher. She was quite cute indeed. Just looking at her made my heart melt.

I went into her class that morning. I was very nervous as I wast the only Muslim student in that class. She told me to introduce myself to the others. Then she asked me to take a seat beside a girl named Angie. Angie was an emo girl. She had black hair highlighted in blue dye. It was beautiful. She was the first person i talked to in class.

During recess, the bell rang. I just stayed in class. Angie wanted to go and meet her friends. She asked me to come along with her but i refused. She took my hand and pulled me. I followed her. She was very kind though. She took me on a tour around the school. The school was very much different from Malaysian schools.

When we met her friends, she introduced me to them. They were very friendly and fun to hang out with. We chatted and talked. They asked me a lot of questions regarding Islam. I told them and they were very interested. They say they never knew why Muslim girls had to wear hijabs and why they cannot eat non-halal foods. Unlike some Americans that are rude to Muslims. They think Muslims are terrorist and such. But these people I met were very kind.

A few days passed by. I cannot help thinking about my parents. I missed them very much. It is like I have been pretending to be happy in front of everyone but the inside of me is in deep pain. It hurts to lose someone that I love, took care of me, raised me up, fed me, bared the pain just to make me live. I still remember the day I received the phone call. The authorities had called me to inform the death of my parents. I was very shocked. I felt the world has stopped moving. Now, sometimes i even cry when i see my classmates and schoolmates bringing their parents to school for career day, school fairs and programmes like that.

Weeks passed by. Eventhough I look happy with my friends but inside of me is still hurt. Nobody in the class knew how I felt. Angie saw sometimes I look down but I denied it. She is a great friend. She likes to treat me, tease me, ask me out on a date. It is not a date as in a couple but as in best friends. We hang out all the time. We always sleep at each others' house. My sister and her parents did not mind. Sometimes i acted like her parents were like my parents. They also take me with them on trips and vacations.we were very close. But i do not know why I have to hide my sadness away from them.

One day, during a vacation trip to San Francisco, we hung out together as if we were family. We went to the Al-Catraz prison, Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf and onther landmarks. Then I saw Angie hugged her mom and dad and ther were happy. It struck me. I cannot help it. Tears started coming out from my eyes. I ran to a spot by the seaside. The scenery was very beautiful. This was one of Allah's mighty creations. I sat there alone looking at the sea thinking of my parents.

While I was sitting there, Angie came and hugged me from behind. I was shocked to see her. How did she find me? She said no one else were wearing the sweater then she bought for me as a birthday gift last week. She sat beside me and asked what is wrong with me. I still tried to hide my feelings.

She held my hands, looked at me into the eyes and smiled. She had the sweetest smile. Her sweet smiled touched my heart to tell her everything. She knows I miss my parents. She pointed at her parents.

"We're like a family now. Don't worry. Don't be sad. We're always here for you."

Her smile was sweet. Her voice was soft. She grabbed my hand and pulled me towards her parents. Suddenly they hugged me tight.

"We love you like our own son. We never had a son before. We love you," said her father.

I could not stop crying. I hugged them really tight.

Until today, I still cannot forget Angie's smile. It has been four years we have been together as more than best friends. Because of that smile, I can live with the past and present. I misse my parents. There is nobody that can replace them in any way. Now i have a family that loves me very much. I am very happy now. Four years together had opened their hearts to be Muslims. They saw the good sides and the way Muslims live. We pray together 5 times a day-like normal Muslims, go to the mosque together and such. If Allah is giving us the opportunity, we will go to perform our Hajj in Mekah next year.

A smile has many meanings and effects. A smile can cure someone's heart, make someone happy from being sad. It is not difficult to smile but if you smile with a sincere heart, Insya-Allah a good thing will happen. Smile Always.


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