Sunday, March 22, 2009

back to skulll's 4.30 pm..betta get ready for skul...lazy wanna go back to skul..but that's life..
cant wait to open books n study...hw ta siap as usual..haha..
burning the midnight oil copying n pasting answer from frenz..ahaha..
spm is just around the corner..
8 months to go..then free at last..hate being in a hostel..
everything aint rite..the food, clothes,schedule,etc2..
betta be home..but still, have to make sacrifices though..
if new things come up, im gonna argue like hell...haha..

bubbye komp, laptop, guitar hero, gta IV, nice fooodd, nice bed, my couch, my parents, the internet..hp???erkk..kinda..haha.. back next hols..insya-Allah..
wish me luck for xm's esp SPM and also getting a scholarship to study overseas..=D

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