Thursday, March 19, 2009

urgh..this week sucks..i dun care bout anything anymore..
first, sum fren that said BFF's months ago ran away from me then wanted me to forgive her..
as if i have no feelings at all. i have feelings u know..

had a quarrel with sum babes bf..damn guy's so damn jealous?urgh as if? as if i wanna take her gf.. i dun give a damn about taking ur gf dude, take her, marry her, have babies with her, do what ever u want..i dun care. do whatever as long as you're happy..

xm last week bad results..most of them are b's..spm results went we have to struggle..the teacher's are gonna torchure us..urgh..fcuking hate it bad enough they have workshops every week..we study 6 day's a week..even more than an average government servant. teachers complaint they are also tired of handling workshops..duhh, think of iit as only once a month..we do it like every week? ever think of that?

damn computer always crashes..dunno y..
cant even play gta4 peacefully..luckily it's ok now..i dunno what i did..

there were sum gud times..esp during the hols..
went to see my lovely cuzin..we actually dated during our cuzins time we met was in december..damn i miss her so much..even now i miss sunday my dad brought us to our old house in rid of weeeds n stuff n shit..kinda miss staying staying in towns..monday dad took us to malacca..i went was fun..i overtook that guy..he doesnt even know how to drive a go cant control it..when i went off theh track,moms said, that i wont be driving her care..haha..that was tense enough..she said i was dangerous..i dun care..i love driving fast..i love an adrenaline makes me feel

wednesday i met my aussie fren..we met during aust homestay thingy..we were kinda close..even slept on da same*i did not do anything..dun take it differently..*

we went to the movies, played the movies, there was this chinese lady..urgh..irritating much..crying like'd laugh mu guts out if i was evil enough..haha..but i was a gud if..

today did nthg but played games, eat..consuming fat im chubby..i dun long as im healthy n happy..=D well, back to school on sunday..really dun wanna get back..but still, have to study for final exam of the schooling year, universities..haha.

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