Monday, May 23, 2011


who would definitely truly agree that a person can live his/her life alone?
i don't think anybody will.
what's the meaning of true friendship? loyalty? honesty?
ask a friend that.
killed by our ownselves? suicidal?
most people say they don't do it.
but they actually do it wihtout noticing it.
it's a silent killer
just like humans heart and feelings.they are the silent killers
killers of our souls.
one,two,three maybe four big things maybe acceptable.
what about hundreds? thousands? who can bear the burden of keeping a thousand negativity in their hearts?
i know i can't.
a friend who is said to be there-loyalty?
where? where are you?
this is why i don't trust people.not even my feelings.
it's a killer that none of us can see.

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