Saturday, March 6, 2010

pukul tiga pagi..-p.ramlee..

yaAllah..I prayy from U ya Allah,
y did i feel like that last nite?
i need peacefulness from U ya Allah
i dont wanna be crazy.
i was shouting alone at night as if i was possessed by an evil spirit..
i dont want that to happen again..
i know my iman is not as strong.
i've made sins.a lot of them.
please forgive me ya Allah.
i want to have a peaceful but meaningful life.
i dont want things like this to overcome my emotions.
i still cannot believe what happened to me last night.
i couldnt find any meds here last night.
i needed it last night.
maybe i need to have it.
need to buy those meds by myself then.

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