Tuesday, March 9, 2010

9th march

wawa..sok balik..nak amik result..adoyai.
cuak2..today, i feel much2 better.
last nite talked to my sis bout stuff.huhu.
alhamdulillah she understood my probs..
she told me to get over it..forget bout things..
but i'm still considering it in my mind..
btw, tomorow ada test pre-calc..harap bole wat..huhu.
pray for me lor..
i feel so happy today.
pg klas gelak2.
time break..lg la..hehe..lepak wit zul, mus, chedtha n izzat.
gelak gle kutuk ipoh..chdtha was funny
he made jokes with a cool expression..:D
it made us laugh our guts out..
then when we walked back to lecture room 7 for dr bambang's chemistry class,
we met wong..he asked for donation for sumthing..
we all agreed to donate n here's our picture..:D
time nih mmg kami mengarut la..haha.
donation of rmXX under the name of AHA600 Co. (saga hitam baru)...lol..there's the owner on the left most...haha..he was swearing like hell when we played him.but it was fun.sorry mus if we hurt ur feelings..huhu.

the next break, i went back to my room but borrowed zul's bike..lol.to be honest i only have L and rarely ride a bike..haha.thx zul for being so kind..lol..

lab was fun..we laughed n joked around with kak syada-our demonstrator.broke an equipment today, so did yesterday in chemistry lab..hoho..pre calculus tutorials? 30 mins of doing tutorial questins, 1 hr 30 mins of talking n boraking..haha...

anyway, wanna rest..today was a good day.i just wish everyday was as today. i dun want to remember what had happened to me so that i can enjoy life as it is.;D

tonite i have a meeting with chdtha n celso-a guy from somewhere..lol..hope tonite will be a nite of laughter n happiness instead of sadness as well as depression.lol..

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